Child Health

girlsChildren are our most important asset. Maintaining their health physically, mentally and socially as they grow and develop is essential for reaching adulthood with their greatest potential.  We have collected a group of websites about children’s health that might be helpful for you.

List of Pediatric Topics

Kids Health
American Academy of Pediatrics
NIH Medline Plus
WebMD Children’s Health
Mayo Clinic – Children
Children’s Health Protection EPA
Ontario County Public Health
FDA for Kids – FDA Kids: all sorts of medical, safety and other information for kids, parents and teachers.
Family Voices for Children with Special Needs – Families, healthcare workers and friends speaking on behalf of children with special needs.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids’ Pages – National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages, games, music, and other activities that introduce children to the impact of the environment on health.
Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights – PACER Center is a funded parent center providing support and advocacy for children with disabilities and their families.