Medical Records

The Canandaigua Medical Group utilizes the services of Healthport to copy medical records. This is a national service that is used widely throughout our region.

If you wish to have a copy of your medical records all requests will be processed and billed by Healthport.


Please see our policy for transfer of medical records.

What is a medical record?

The medical record is a legal document that contains sufficient information to identify the patient, support the diagnosis, justify the treatment, document the course and results, and promote continuity of care among health care providers.

Who owns the medical record?

Healthcare facilities initiate and maintain a medical record for every individual assessed or treated. The facility collecting the information owns the record.

Is my health information kept confidential

Releasing information is a routine and necessary activity in a health care facility to facilitate communication among caregivers and to allow the enterprise to carry on its daily operations. However, the patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality, which is protected by law, must be observed. Access to information is based on the “need to know” principle. No healthcare information is released without a signed authorization form by the patient or legal designate.

The Canandaigua Medical Group ensures that all healthcare information, whether in paper or electronic form, is kept strictly confidential.