Nutrition and Fitness for Children and Teens


New American Heart Association dietary recommendations for children and adolescents.

Super Nutrients for Growing Kids from WebMD. Also provides healthy recipes and tips for fitness.

Explore the world of nutrition from the National Dairy Council. A fun filled activity page for kids with recipes, games, quizzes and other activities.

Kids Nutrition from North Dakota State University. Fun and fact filled page for kids, teens parents and teachers. – excelent source for finding healthy recipes for homemade babyfood

Wholesome Toddler Food – Heaty toddler recipes for your toddler!

Fruits and Veggies More Matters – A site all about fruits and vegetable; Why they are important, how to shop, cook and serve them so that kids will eat them.


kids-swingingHow much exercise do kids need? Get the latest info on this from the CDC panel.

Why exercise is cool – from KidsHealth.

Physical activity and health in adolescents from the CDC.

Simple exercise in childhood leads to long term skeletal benefit – evidence froth NIH

Encouraging Exercise in Your Kids – from WebMD.

Physical Fitness Resources for Kids – from PeerTrainer